The Main Expenses of Owning a Thatched Roof Cottage

Owning a thatched roof property has a lot of upsides but it comes at a cost.

Not everyone can afford to own a thatched roof property because there are a number of things that add to the price besides the cost of the property itself.

The main expenses of a thatched roof property are explained in detail below

The cost of the property

Factors that impact how much a property costs are –

  • The size of the property – The size of thatched roof properties can vary quite a lot and this is certainly a thing that will affect how much you pay. As well as the size of the property itself, the size of the surrounding land will have an impact on price too.
  • Where it’s located – The location of the property will certainly affect its cost too. Most thatched roof cottages tend to be located in rural areas. These tend to have lower crime rates and be desirable areas to live in general, which is a big part of the reason why thatched roof properties are as expensive as they are.
  • If it’s a listed building – Another thing that can affect how much a property costs is whether it’s a listed building or not. Listed buildings are those that are considered to be of great historical or cultural value. They come with a responsibility to keep the property well maintained and if you wanted to have any work carried out on it you’d need to obtain permission from the local council.


You’ll need to get thatch cottage insurance cover from a specialist provider when you own a thatched roof cottage too. Regular home insurance isn’t suitable for thatch roof properties since the time and expense of repairing or replacing a damaged roof is something that needs to be accounted for.

You can get thatched cottage insurance that covers you for risks such as structural damage, flooding and theft. You can also get unoccupied property insurance if you’re going to be away from the property for an extended period.


Maintenance is another expense you have to think about when you have a thatched roof property. In addition to having the chimney regularly inspected and cleaned, you’ll also need to have the roof itself inspected and repaired if needed. The cost of this type of maintenance can add up on a yearly basis so it’s certainly something you need to consider.

You might also want to make improvements to the cottage, such as adding blinds to doors and windows. Perfect fit blinds in the UK are very popular now and a great way to add a touch of class and privacy to a property.