Driving a Taxi for a Living FAQ

If you have a passion for cars then you’ve probably consider a career that involves driving at some point.

Driving a taxi is an extremely common type of driving job but in order to drive a taxi for a living there are certain steps you have to take.

Below are some FAQ to get you started

What’s the first step?

The first step to becoming a taxi driver is getting the right licence. The type of licence you need will depend on whether you want to drive a public or private hire taxi.

The requirements for becoming a taxi driver differ depending on which part of the country you want to be licenced in. For example if you apply for a licence in London then you’ll need to pass the notoriously difficult Knowledge test in order to acquire a licence.

What’s the difference between public hire and private hire?

The difference between public and private hire taxis is that private hire vehicles must be pre-booked by either phone or app. They also cannot display a ‘taxi’ sign on the vehicle.

A public hire taxi can pick up fares from the street. Black cabs are the most recognizable type of public hire taxis.

Will I need my own car?

In most cases, yes. It’s important to be aware of what requirements the company you want to work for has if you’re planning to buy a vehicle to use as a taxi. For example Uber requires that their drivers have a vehicle that’s 2008 or newer.

How much is insurance?

The cost of taxi insurance will depend on a few factors. Quite a big factor that affects cost is whether you’re insuring a public hire or private hire vehicle. The cost of insurance Uber insurance for example is considered to be a type of private hire insurance.

Other factors that affect the cost of a taxi insurance policy include –

  • Your age
  • The value of your vehicle
  • How secure your vehicle is
  • Where it’s parked
  • The level of cover you get
  • The insurance provider

Is it safe?

Something that many people wonder about is how safe driving a taxi for a living is. This is quite a tough question to answer since it will depend on a few factors. The truth is that driving a taxi can potentially be a dangerous job since there’s always the potential to pick up a person who is drunk or mentally unstable in some way. Knowing how to handle these types of situations comes with experience.