Month: April 2019

Driving a Taxi for a Living FAQ

If you have a passion for cars then you’ve probably consider a career that involves driving at some point. Driving a taxi is an extremely common type of driving job but in order to drive a taxi for a living there are certain steps you have to take. Below are some FAQ to get you started What’s the first step? The first step to becoming a taxi driver is getting the right licence. The type of licence you need will depend on whether you want to drive a public or private hire taxi. The requirements...

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The Main Expenses of Owning a Thatched Roof Cottage

Owning a thatched roof property has a lot of upsides but it comes at a cost. Not everyone can afford to own a thatched roof property because there are a number of things that add to the price besides the cost of the property itself. The main expenses of a thatched roof property are explained in detail below The cost of the property Factors that impact how much a property costs are – The size of the property – The size of thatched roof properties can vary quite a lot and this is certainly a thing...

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